Expanding Worlds: Place and Collaboration in (and after) the ‘Text-as-Spatial-Event’


  • James C Thurgill The University of Tokyo
  • Jane Lovell Canterbury Christ Church University


collaboration, extra-textual, literary geography, place, text-as-event, tourism studies.


This short position paper seeks to explore the collaborative role of place in the unfolding of the ‘text-as-spatial-event’ (Hones 2008) via the expansion of the extra-textual. The work presented here forms part of an ongoing interdisciplinary collaboration initiated by our meeting at the “Literary Geographies of Collaboration” roundtable, held at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, in August 2018.

Author Biographies

James C Thurgill, The University of Tokyo

Project Associate Professor, Center for Global Communication Strategies

Jane Lovell, Canterbury Christ Church University

Senior Lecturer, School of Human and Life Sciences


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