Emotional Landscapes, or Running with Cormac McCarthy During a Pandemic


  • Scott Pearce Deakin University


prosthetic memory, emotionology, narrative, Cormac McCarthy.


This piece examnies how landscapes in literary texts create emotinal responses in readers. These responses become a reservoir which readers use to navigate difficutl times. The focus of the piece is on the COVID 19 pandemic and how it resonates with apocalyptic literature.

Author Biography

Scott Pearce, Deakin University

EducationPh.D.: Deakin University, 2016.  Master of Arts: Deakin University, 2012Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Education: Deakin University, 2002 Diploma of Arts: Swinburne University, 1997EmploymentLiterature /English/ History Teacher at Alia College, 2002-present.Recent Publications“Emile Durkheim Rides Again: The Death of the Western Hero and the Rise of the Moral Individualist,” Film & History: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 50 (1)2020, pp. 67-80.“AMC’s The Walking Dead and the Restructuring of Gender and Race on the Neofrontier,” Weird Westerns: Race, Gender, Genre. Eds. Kerry Fine, Michael K. Johnson, Rebecca M. Lush, and Sara L. Spurgeon, University of Nebraska Press, 2020, pp. 397-431.Novel:Novel: faded yellow by the winter. Melbourne: Reading Sideways Press, 2019.


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