Urban Walking and The Spatial Hinge



spatial hinge, walking, psychogeography, arthur machen, liminality


This piece reframes the spatial hinge concept and incorporates it within an urban walking tour. The aim is to explore the value of walking practice for literary geographers and, through an engagement with emerging theory in this interdisciplinary approach, show how a literary text representing one place can be used to guide the mobile exploration of a different location. This case presents a public event experienced by nearly 40 people. In a collaboration with a performance artist, we explore The Hill of Dream by Arthur Machen.

Author Biography

Aled Singleton, Swansea University

Aled Singleton works at Swansea University as a Research Officer and Tutor in Geography. His main interests are in emotional and affective attachments to space and place, particularly from the perspective of urban walking and psychogeography. He enjoys collaborations with artists and film makers. Aled has a professional background managing community and urban regeneration projects.


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